Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fred and George

A bit of Harry Potter nostalgia got me digital painting this Fred and George post-quiditch-match picture. It makes me a tad sad that this handsome duo is now uno *sigh*
Ciao all
ps. I havent yet created my deviantart page, but as soon as I have done a few more paintings then I will put the link up here

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Maori Love | Acrylic on Canvas

This painting was done for a family member of mine who is looking for the perfect man. In Maori culture, the blue swirl I've painted in the middle of the painting symbolizes the joining of two souls for eternity, and that even if they are separated for a length of time, fate will always bring them back together. It basically tells that the strength of love and friendship will last forever. 
The person I painted this for also has a love for travel, and she always comments on how South America had the most impact on her life. So I added some Aztec inspired 'Koru' or fern fronds that symbolize new life, growth, strength and peace. 
A little bit cheesy I know, but she's into that kind of stuff so why not humor her :)

Au revoir xx

An Eye for an Eye | acrylic and pencil

One of the many paintings/drawings done as part of my art coarse. Keep an eye out for the deviant art link!
Ciao xx

An Endless Summer | In search of the perfect wave

To those of you who are about to go into summer, and for those that the blissful times of the warmer breeze are but a distant memory. This painting was inspired by the original 'An Endless Summer' a (1966) movie, crossed with the Van Doren collection shoe box. It pretty much summed up summer love, warm, and happiness
Au revoirxx
P.s I'm starting up a deviant art blog so keep your eyes peeled for the link to that

Monday, July 30, 2012

Hi All
I went to the Ed Sheeran concert last night, he played in Auckland New Zealand. I've been to a couple of concerts and festivals, and his concert last night was by far the best concert I have been to. He played all acoustically; just him on stage with his guitar and loop. He was super funny, and inclusive of the crowd, and sported (appreciatively) an All Blacks T-Shirt claiming he "felt like Jona Lomu's son" :)
Cheecck out below my 2 favorite performances

Monday, July 23, 2012

I'm back!!

Hi Everybody, sorry I havent been posting in ages. I've just started another year at Media Design School in New Zealand, so i'm going to try post more often about movie reviews and perhaps little projects I do for school each week. Thanks for all the views:D xx jessica renee

To start us off, this is a character I designed for a self made concept of an alien protagonist in an animation. His name is Mr Obsidian:)
Au revoir

Sunday, October 23, 2011

L'amant fran├žais

France. The romantic. The trend setting. The People. The Food.

The unbelievable city of Paris was our first stop, getting a first hand taste of the famed gypsies i'd heard countless stories about.
 If any of you have seen the movie 'Taken', where the young girls get approached by a smoking hot Parisian male who offers to share his taxi. That Happened To Us! Of coarse we prommptly did the "no speak French, no speak French" and briskly rolled ourselves away from that situation :) If you've ever had the pleasure of taking a train to Paris Gare Du Nord, you'll know that it doesnt give you the best impression of Paris. However, what was to come was exactly what I wished for...

One highlight from Paris was seeing Queen Latifah strolling down the luxury shopping street, with who I assume was her assistant. What I noticed first is that she waddles, and it wasnt until she walked past did we realize that it was indeed THE Queen Latifah! crazy.

After Paris we headed down to Chateau Chambord, with its amazing spiral staircases.

And then the festive Carcossonne, where just right across the road was a music festival featuring big artist like Moby, Jack Johnson, Vanilla Ice. Ha..did you get my joke!? :) hilarious.

Upward and onward. Definitely one my favorite places of my trip was Nice. Beautiful beaches. Beautiful food and flower markets. Rich, glamorous people with rich, exuberant cars. Nice/Monte Carlo is definitely a place I would recommend for anyone travelling down to the south. First night saw us seeing the beautiful glowing statues, and street performers., and row of restaurants, with such good selection it was hard to pick just one.

Day 2 saw us walking about to the lookout, which overlooked Nice and the beautiful harbor of Monaco. I can honestly say in all my travels I have never seen such a beautiful sight as all the super yachts parked in a open harbour on a clear blue sea. Magical! The afternoon offered a great chance to taste French fine dining, on a travelers budget of coarse :) However, the real luxery was spending the night in the Monte Carlo Casino. Pathetically though, I spent only 1 chip, worth the same amount my lunch cost:) However, being able to be surrounded by Ferrari's and Bugatti's and Maserati's was an unforgettable experience; something little ol' New Zealand doesn't usually offer up:)

Overall, France was unforgettable, and these photos are just a handful of the hundreds I managed to squeeze on my memory card. Next up, the smallest country in the world Andorra, and then the magnificent Barcelona

Au Revoir!